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Norm: committed to his customers, employees and partners



Norm, Vice President and General Manager of Bassett Petroleum and authorized distributor for Total, knows a thing or two about commitment. He understands what it means to take care of his customers, his employees, and his business partners. It’s what Bassett Petroleum stands for, and it’s what makes them the perfect distribution partner for Total Canada.

A family-owned and operated Aboriginal business

The story of Bassett Petroleum is one of family, community, service, and quality. The family-owned and operated Aboriginal business started as a home heating oil delivery service in 1989 in the Northwest Territories and has grown, expanded, and diversified. But no matter how successful they become, they’ll never forget their roots.

Everyone is treated like family

Norm says his dad always had real one-on-one relationships with customers. This was instilled in every family member. If they say they’re going to do something, they do it. It’s a family business, so everyone who works there is treated like family. This extends to everyone they serve, too.

“I deal with people. This is a family business and this is reflected in how we treat our employees and our clients.”