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Helping achieve energy efficiency in Canada's agriculture sector

As part of Total’s ongoing commitment to improving energy efficiency, we are proud to start working with Canada’s agricultural sector.

Improving energy efficiency

As one of the largest agricultural exporters in the world, improving energy efficiency in Canada is a priority. Total is committed to all levels of Canadian industry and the consumer, improving energy efficiency right at the source and helping to protect our environment. Total’s lubricants for the agricultural sector allow carbon intensive operations like agricultural production to become more efficient. By improving the performance of your engine, FE lubricants also reduce your fuel consumption, thus reducing cost and helping to reduce fuel conspumption helping to curb emissions. The high-end lubricant line includes greases and specific lubricants designed for engines, transmissions and hydraulic circuits for equipment and machinery involved in agricultural production.

Innovation drives eco-performance

The innovative and exclusive new line of Total lubricants also boasts Fuel Economy technology products, including a selection of bio-lubricants. These bio-lubricants meet the most stringent criteria for cost effectiveness and environmental protection across the market. In addition to meeting the full spectrum of technical requirements, bio-lubricants promote longer equipment service life and help improve the reliability and safety of the consumer’s operations by lowering the risk of pollution and respecting the consumer’s overall health.
Interested in learning how Total lubricants with Fuel Economy technology can save you money while helping to protect our environment? Click here to use the online comparison tool.
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