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08/06/2015 Press release

A new winning partnership between CST Canada and Total Canada Inc.

Rear, left to right: Laurent Siret (National Automotive Director, Total Canada), Yann Ouellet (CST Buyer), Martin Longpré (Vice President Heating and Commercial Sales), Serge Binette (Executive Director, Agent and Retail Network), James Fodi (National Professional Sales Manager), Jack Fasoli (TCI HDMO Marketing Director), Gregory Perez (TCI PCMO Marketing Director).

Front, left to right: Franck Bagouet (General Manager, Total Canada Inc.) and Christian House (Vice President, Retail Sales Canada)​

LaSalle, QC - Total Canada Inc., a subsidiary of the world’s fourth biggest oil and gas company, is very pleased to announce a major partnership with CST Canada, which owns the Ultramar service stations, Pipeline Commercial stations, and Ultramar fuel oil distribution network.   

CST-Ultramar Canada, which is constantly seeking to offer its customers the very best, knows that Total produces top quality, high performance lubricants known around the world.

A number of initiatives targeting consumers will be jointly launched in Ultramar service stations, Pipeline Commercial stations, and elsewhere.

The Ultramar fuel oil distribution centers, supported by the sales team in the regions served, will market Total lubricants to the agricultural, transportation, and construction industries.

Total Canada currently markets Total lubricants across Canada. Total products are sold in over 130 countries worldwide and have been available in Canada since 2008 (for light, heavy, and industrial vehicles). Total Canada manufactures more than 80% of its products in Canada at its plant in Montreal.