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Introducing Rubia Works 2000 FE 10W-30 Diesel Engine Oil

As part of Total Canada’s ongoing commitment to better energy, we’re proud to announce our latest innovation. Rubia Works 2000 FE 10W-30 is an eco-efficient lubricant for all diesel engines, with or without particulate filters.

Eco-efficient performance improvement

This revolutionary product promises to significantly boost vehicle performance in the heavy equipment, mining, agriculture and transportation industries. Not only is it an eco-efficient lubricant that offers fuel savings, it also meets the most stringent international industry standards. Users can count on it to considerably increase performance while significantly reducing engine wear, especially with engine-starting in cold weather. Rubia can result in fuel savings of 1.28% at high temperatures compared with standard lubricants - up to 3 % in fuel savings.

Opportunity is knocking

The timing couldn’t be better. It coincides with substantial industry development in Northern Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta, allowing Total Canada to provide innovative, eco-friendly solutions and products to niche markets. “It’s an integral part of Total Canada’s long-term growth strategy,” says Stephen McGarvie, president of Total Canada.

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